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Ryobi Design System




October 2022


Anderson, SC


Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping, and Organization


TTI is global company that owns many power tool brands, including RYOBI. They are moving towards integrating apps and digital interfaces into their new products.

I was half of the UI/UX team at TTI

At a company with branches all around the world and over 50k employees, I was one of two UI/UX designers. I was responsible for leading UI/UX design across all brands, including all apps, digital interfaces, updates, and design systems.

During my time at TTI, I learned an immeasurable amount. Some of my achievements include:

Forming the department: Since there were only two of us and we were both recent college graduates, we didn't have a Director or Senior designer to provide us any guidance. We pushed ourselves until we made up for that lack.  

Worked on the highest profile projects: TTI was expanding into new markets when I joined. We worked on the first global project and the first product where the app was essential to the use of the product. 

Established a design system: This helped keep designs consistent in look and feel across all apps. It also helps designers and engineers to work more efficiently.

Project Brief

When I came to work at TTI, the UI/UX department was in its infancy. A clear Visual Brand Language hadn’t been established and wasn’t consistent across existing products. The logical next step in creating the UI/UX department was evolving the brand design guide. We did this by creating a Material UI component library in Adobe XD. Creating a design system would make an impact by allowing us to create more consistency across all new Ryobi designs coming out of TTI. 

Design System Typography.jpg


The design system helped us to be much more efficient with our following products. The cohesive branding became identifiable as Ryobi between products. We went back and updated our past apps to be in alignment with our new Design System, creating an ecosystem. 

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